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Eric Goede

Eric Goede born 1948, attended teacher training in Amsterdam and art school in Culemborg. He started his artistic career as a painter, draughtsman, and teacher. Among other things, he taught at the Volksuniversiteit Utrecht and at a sculptors' collective. In 1995, he took the decision to devote himself totally to sculpting. First in working in stone. But his love is still for creating bronze sculptures. This technique offers him the possibilities to express the graceful, gracious, and dynamic. He likes to capture vital movement in pursuit of perfection. Eric Goede looks for life force and vitality. Indeed, his sculptures exude an almost boundless perfection. And at the same time, the figures appear vulnerable, sensitive and above all sensual. The finish of the bronze is perfect. He does everything himself, the whole process from contour moulding to patination. That is a lot of work: yes, a craft. His challenge is to deliver a perfectly finished sculpture. Exhibitions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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