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Pasquale Di Fazio

Pasquale Di Fazio was born in Lavello (1960), in the South of Italy, yet spent most of his life living in Milan. He is an autodidactic artist, who started in the arts professionally in 1985, painting glorious Italian landscapes for which he became acclaimed. Di Fazio translates his love of nature onto the canvas, conjuring up the mood and atmosphere of the countryside of Italy, and Tuscany in particular, in his inimitable way. His abstract style and subtle use of colour effortlessly convey the authentic feel of the landscapes and bring out the natural shades of the country. Di Fazio currently focuses on abstract work. His deep understanding of composition and depth allow his paintings to take on a spatial dimension, with his fabulous and striking colours providing extraordinary lighting and a mystical undertone. Di Fazio’s paintings intrigue and fascinate due to their composition and harmony of colour, in part the result of the artist’s advanced technical skill. Exhibitions in Europe, Russia, and the United States.

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