Info - Wies van Dort

Wies van Dort

Wies van Dort, Netherlands 1936 -2017. Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. She made sculptures in stone, ceramics and bronze. Wies did not like elaborate stories about themes and styles, she did not want to commit herself too much to them and experienced that as too limiting. In her bronze sculptures, movement and dynamics play an important role. The female figures she makes are often also a little introspective. The accent is actually mainly on the clothing and movement therein. They also have something meditative about them. In terms of posture, they are very expressive. Her figures are mostly dashing and swirling. Aesthetics are clearly and convincingly present in the bronzes. This applies equally to the rhythm and skin of the sculptures the bronzes display great diversity and refinement. The detailing and finishing enhances their body language. The bronzes are one-of-a-kind.

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