Info - Jan Latinne

Jan Latinne

Jan Latinne 1936 Belgium, his paintings are often described by viewers as cheerful. Moreover, the work is expressive. Those who see Latinne's work sense the unmistakable optimism and positivism that runs like a thread through his oeuvre. The Hamont-born artist does his own thing and does not get distracted by the coincidental opinion of the moment. With this attitude, Jan has already won many hearts. And it shows: already since 1969, Jan Latinne has exhibited internationally many times. The work has much in common with the unbridled imagination and purity of a child, because real beauty lies in the basic elements of life; this is how Latinne paints and these are the themes he chooses for his canvases. Through his own method, he manages to evoke deep emotions and leave lasting impressions; this is a gift few possess

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