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Coren Geus

Coren Geus (1946) strives to capture purity and beauty in her work. Above all, she tries to capture the purity of light. Per definition this requires an object, a medium onto which it is reflected. This is why Geus prefers to paint glass objects, meticulously painting whichever platter, bowl or goblet in front of her and giving colour and shape to the light hitting her subject. Geus has had an interest in painting ever since she was a little girl. She went on to hone her skills, sharing a studio with Olaf Cleofas for two years. Less is more. And with minimal devices Geus shows that light is synonymous with emotion. Even works portraying the most lifeless, impenetrable objects are imbued with a light that reflects back onto the viewer and touches something inside. She is also a master of using negative space, of the unsaid, giving her work all the more tranquillity and power. Her compositions are original, yet thought out and, as such, fascinating. Geus currently has exhibitions around the Netherlands.

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