Info - Vanni Saltarelli

Vanni Saltarelli

Giovanni Saltarelli’s father was a painter as well as a violinist; consequently the artist was exposed to painting from a very early age. Saltarelli attended the Academy of Fine Arts Castello Sforzesco in Milan and went on to teach painting techniques at the Aldo Galli art academy and give lectures and courses on painting. Vanni Saltarelli identifies totally with the physical character of his works. He is a dynamic artist who sees artistic creation as direct and spontaneous expression of emotion. The body plays a central role as a rich source of inspiration through the depiction of female curvatures and masculine muscles, full of tension, passion, beauty, mystery and eroticism. The magic of his paintings lies in the spontaneous and direct portrayal of his subject. His highly original compositions become one through the use of a variety of technical skills. Exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and the USA.

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